1. I was born at 2.27 am on 8th April 1981 in Osmanabad, interiors of Maharashtra.

2. My name comes from Indian background which means “wisdom or Buddhi”. I get upset and this seems to have manifested itself onto how I deal with my wrongdoers, because they are plenty in number. Some people do not have wisdom to pronounce other’s name. People pronounce my name as praggya, pranaya, praddha and few Non-Indian people confuse my gender as well. Wish parents would have simplified my name.

3. I hold a B.E and a MBA degree, which I find is waste as till date the amount generated is not proportional to the amount spent to earn these degrees

4. I am an Extrovert, can talk to any human but I am good at speaking to myself that too loudly.

Extrovert People can discuss any topic

5. I am a foodie, been vegetarian; I like to try different cuisines that offer a different flavour to Veggie people.

6. I love summer and hate rainy season for a very few silly reason. I don’t like my feet getting wet for some odd reason, can’t get out of the house without been soaked.


7. I’m easily moved to tears. It’s a family trait, my mother is the same way. I cry at the tv a lot and then laugh at myself. Other things I cry at include sentimental/emotional scene in a Film or real life episode. Now a days its in control

8. I really can’t stand people who are self-righteous, who flatter themselves, or who flaunt their feelings of entitlement and self-centred people.

9. I love having long conversation with my childhood friend Minta, its more of a habit now. Absence of these small conversation makes my life little uncomfortable. We both can discuss anything under this sun, be it new dress, our boss, families, new development in New Bombay, our personal life etc.

10. I love being politically incorrect, but not just for the sake of it.

11. I am a lot more passionate about children’s literature than ‘grownup’ literature. I love interacting with Kids.

12. I have never  voted since turning 18, and could never imagine a day where that would happen. I educate myself on the issues and do my civil duty.But recently for 09 election I did vote…..

13. I love taking my parents out for dinner/lunch, love to see their reaction for a different cuisine.

14. I can’t watch violence in films or on television at all. I don’t know why I can’t separate fiction from reality when it comes to this, but on the other hand it’s not a good sign to really enjoy the violence either.

15. I am very passionate about flowers. A bouquet every day would make my day 

Love Flowers
16. I like variety in life, be it dressing up, eating outside, visiting places, trying a new theme for home etc.

17. I love listening to the radio. NPR-style talk-radio, that is, not the jarring hectic repetitive traffic-dj-music-jam we’re treated at pubs. When I can’t sleep, I turn it on to know that I’m not alone in being up, and that’s so comforting.

18. I Love talking on the phone it’s a best way to connect with people for the time you weren’t with them.

19. I am not Very religious, and am deeply frustrated with organised religion and the manipulation of the masses.

20. I don’t really like to cook, but I love to bake.

21. I have almost fallen 25 times from my bike during my engg days with my best friend shilpa.

22. I have always been every energetic in life and I will always be

23. I am so incredibly not a morning person, but I think that’s mainly because I never get enough sleep. I can function well without sleep, but the morning hours are surreal to me. Why am I up? Why would anyone be up?

24. I read books & love to read it several times and see movies -I love watching them until I know them by heart. I get so engrossed in reading books that I forget to sleep, eat & work. I wish to own a small library in future.

Small Libary

25. Sea (apart from Minta) remains the one thing that truly calms me down. I become very claustrophobic without the sea or some body of water around me.

26. Wrapping presents and gifting innovative things are among the things I do best in life. I don’t know what to make of this.

Different packages style

27. I prefer eating my dessert with the tiniest possible spoon, so it’ll last longer.

28. I don’t drink plain milk, but drink chocolate milk every single day that too in a white mug.

Hot chocolate in white mug

29. I love hogging on pasta(specially from pizza hut), its a big turn –on for me.

30. I am the classical underachiever. There will probably be ‘Never lived up to her full potential’ on my tombstone( If i am ever buried). Success is always away from me by only 2 steps………

31. Love to travel across different places, see different culture and eyewitness new places

32. I always thought of myself as a girly girl, but it’s become apparent over the years that I am decidedly not. I am much more comfortable in sneakers and cargos and jeans than in heels and flimsy clothes. I still love dressing up, though, paradoxically.

33. I am absolutely impossible to give surprise.

34. Other careers I would like to pursue: Pilot, flower arranger, author and Business Analysts

35. I love fresh fruit. Seasonal fruits are amazing. Can’t get enough.

36. I am short-tempered, cant clam me down easily when angry-even though some people are exceptions.

37. I don’t need a lot of alone-time and become unbearably cranky if I get it.

38. The most attractive quality to me is a kind and good human being.

39. I’m really good at directions and also driving (4-wheeler)

40. I really enjoy working in my current office.

41. I enjoy spending time with my grandparents at my home town Gulbarga.       

42. I am very shopaholic, cant withstand a hand bag. If I happen to see a new design, it will surely be in my wardrobe the next very day. I like handbags in different shapes and size.

Different HandBags

43. Can’t live without my Laptop, phone, Job, close friends & milk.

44. I enjoy philosophical conversation with my mother, she is big teacher in Philosophy. 

45. Can’t step out of house without performing pooja.

46. Like wearing high-heels but legs really ace after a long day at office.

47. Started enjoying gym as it relaxes me & gathers more energy.

48. I am a very normal sibling who fights with her sisiter.

49. I love to wear a bracelet and a wrist watch on the same hand.

Wrist Watch

50. I have had a really hard time coming up with 50 things to say about myself.. Readers, if possible try to write something similar on yourself.