I enjoy going to office and pretend to work there. We are 8 girls who enjoy working(we work really very hard) with a healthy working atmosphere  in the office , the glimpse of atmosphere-teasing each other, snatching our tiffin box…feel ike we have again hit out teens but i guess that’s the best way to  maintain our Friendship. Our understanding of Friendship  changes throughout our life.It differers at various stages.  That’s because our priority change…Friendship that lasts with changing priority is the one you need to cherish. Have you ever wondered whats the real essence of the saying “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” is? People talk about the true value of friendship actually without knowing what it stands for. True friendship is the one, in which the individuals do not have to maintain formalities with each other, they dont feel obliged towards each other,they  stand for you through yours  ups and down and let go of past hurt experience, having said that it a perspective of each one for themselves. I have such friends in office with whom I can share my success, failures, fears, happiness, celebrate our occasions and fight as well. Let me introduce each one of them…….be patient as the list and description is way too lenghty..

1st is Neelam Gangan:-  Confidence is embedded in her,  Leo by zodiac sign, is accident prone, very energetic and believes to be at her optimum best all the time. Her pet name is chilly, that’s because it’s very easy for her to get into a fight with anybody, anywhere and on any topic. Countless fights are norm of her day, be it with me, Anita, Renu, Moksha or anybody else in the office. If we start counting her fights then it would be equivalent to the oxygen she breaths. Nothing substantial is required to ignite her….she comes up with her own reasons. Her convivial personality makes our office come alive. Been aggressive by nature, doesn’t gives us even seconds time to respond to her questions. Whatever her demands are, have to be fulfilled within seconds, otherwise the consequence is another fight. I and Anita are her default back-up to respond to her mails, presentations, conference call. We have also lost out identities for her, that’s because we have several times spoken as “Neelam” to her customers clarifying their technical doubts.

She keeps a track of everybody in office, perfectly like a minicomputer. She keeps a track of where abouts of every one, who was on fire for the day, who was appreciated —all of the office news, is in her pockets. Very transparent by nature accepts everyone to be like that. She will run to your help even if you haven’t asked for it. Look of it you would feel she is tough, but it’s exactly like the coconut-harder outside—softer inside. Now days I am not at all under-nourished, nobody is -in our office in fact. All thanks to Neelam —she is all the time hungry and worst she cannot control her hungry hence at times starts sobbing if her food intake time is delayed. If by any circumstance we delay to hit our cafeterias by 1, then we have a earth quake, the earth quake is in Neelam’s stomach so eventually even he suffer the effect. I love  our fight over Pencils & Pen’s that we share. Looks amazingly well when dressed up otherwise……………………Her Fav one-liners are:-

                        Khoon kar dalungi

                        Mereko bhug lagi hai

                        Muje Gussa aa  raha hai

                        Tu mujese kyun ladh rahi hai

                        Attitude mat dikha

                        Jane de mat soch

Neelam Sharma:-   Little fat with brains describe her. She loves to dress up, experiments with her style  and likes to flaunt it. I enjoy driving with her because we both sing aloud and content to our heart. Very moody by nature, non-interfering & is dedicated to her work. She is so clam that at times we have to figure out the reaction given by her on some issues. She is clam like a sea……….Thinks very rational and also is a problem solver for our office. I also enjoy fighting with her, cox she cannot fight after certain level, so it’s easy to declare yourself as winner. She is very good listener rather than a good talker, never judges a person on his/her action. Takes time to make a decision, but once decided abides by it. She is obsessed to reduce her weight; her obsession is short-lived. She would eat a sandwich that too in brown bread, Kellogs for certain period. That certain period is defined by her & it never lasts beyond 2 weeks………so ultimately she comes down to her original weight. But she truly believes in never to “Give up” motto. Recently she has colored her hair……….and we all envy her ……

A look at her and you can make out she is meant to be for a CA profession. Clam, composed in her approach, have never seen her eyebrows touching her forehead. She is a person who is quiet clam, peaceful, disciplined and approachable. She has got a habit of taking to her self once in a while in office. She was deputed in Chennai for a project, a person would have resigned the job because of the unnecessary delay caused by the client. But with her, the client may run away stating, “ you go back to Chennai, I will handle the project” . You can make out form that there is some exciting news. Foodie by nature cooks well & also appreciates comments on her cooking. She actively participates in all conversation and then comments something really hilarious. We both enjoy eating pasta during out hectic time schedule.  I have articulated few lines for  her:-

Nobody ever dared to tell you that….

Echo your voice through the wind.

Embrace the future. Smile its shyness


Let the change be part of you

Allowing  the sun to burst through – once again.

Momentarily you will see the drastic change

She and Renu are joined by some invisible threads. If they both are in office then its difficult for a normal human being to work beside them. They discussions are so loud, u can hardly concentrate on your work. Neelam otherwise keeps on murmuring with herself but when its time to disturb me she doesn’t loses a single opportunity. We both share a unique relationship of CAT & DOG. She plays a role of CAT – she gives a repulsive comment on me that too in her soft voice like CAT on which we wrestle like a CAT & DoG. Neelam ensure you are away form me, I strongly feel our company should also keep her outstation. At least I will have some peace in life….

3rd -Anita Upadhya:-  She is born in Jan –Capricorn —very sensitive b y nature .She is a private person, will open up only when she trusts the other person completely. Been very sensitive —-me & NG would be on her top Hit list for shoot out. That’s because we keep on hurting her and scolding her for some odd reason in life. Initially, we use to see that hurt on her face but now days she has become prone to our behavior. She accepts her fault so flawless and learns from them making you speechless.  One peculiar quality of her, whatever you say or murmur like instructions, steps, process or small conversation she will immdetly ask for a simplified version of it. “I didn’t understand, can you say that again” —we find her using this statement very often. She can handle pressure very well, without you realizing that she is actually scared. Officially she is our editor; anything that needs little modification has to seek Anitha’s approval. She is so particular about her desk; she gets a fresh flower everyday to place in her small vase & for her Gods installed on her desk. I love discussing various topics with her.

With her stunning height and a proper attitude on her face makes her real appealing in life. But she prefers to assume herself opposite of what I have described above. Once she starts laughing nobody can stop her. She gracefully offers her online services to us, as she is habituated to read across lot of stuff on internet. Whatever she absorbs from internet has to be transmitted to our knowledge sharing cells as well. Anytime you tell her, ‘Anita I didn’t get my lunch today’—-her response would be ‘Don’t worry we will share”. She is never hesitant to share her lunch, that’s because her lunch is ordered from the Dabbawals—-which we hate to eat.

4th -Renuka Nair: – Born in Dec ,a Sagittarius by zodiac sign, is a real flirt in life  as well. Professional CA, CA alright…….but you can hardly make out.( I need to check her certificate). Very high probability of  she asking Manish to appear for her exam. Manish is her husband and he truly is in the scope of Husband. Hasta hua band……..he has very bleak exposure to the world which is free of non-toxic domination by reneuka. We are half married to Manish, that’s because we end listening statements like,

Aaj maine Manish ko frustrate kiya, sun na………(here goes one story)

Mai Manish pe ghussa hu aaj, sun na………(one more…..)

Sun na, manish ka phone aaya hai…….main office ke bahar hu………maine aur manish ne ye baat ki…..(another one)

Aise mat soch, main pati vrata hwoon…………Ha ha ha ha ha

Very cool by nature, amicable -is the freezer of our office. Everyone in office approach her to remove their frustration. She is the deep-ice world of our organization. She impeccably manages office, her married life, kid & US. She is never pressured with work & has got capability to handle several projects simultaneously that too keeping her cool- A workaholic that too need-based . You would feel pleasant meeting her, she gives so much of warmth that you forget u r a stranger to her. She will listen to you with all her heart, suggests some remedy and then promptly forget it. She is the only one who is married in our group and the last one to leave office, still we are not ashamed of it. Been mother of 2 & 1/2 year girl, gives her the power to scold everyone in office, right from office boy to collegues. She has been spotted several times having argument with our boss for some silly reason. She is so conscious about her figure that even Kangana Ranaut would require renu’s consultation to keep herself healthy. She has got 2 tiers on stomach with an increasing weight that too without feeling guilty about it. Even if Kangana follows her consultation she will not be able compete with Renu. She is habituated to self-appraisal, as that is seldom done by others. I have never seen her locking ego with anybody till date. She is rumored to have picked our office claimed empty pickle bottle—-as she doesn’t like to waste anything.

5th Moksha:- I haven’t got much time to interact with her. But a little I know of her as—-she is a good chef. Her husband would be one of few luckiest people in this world. Short-tempered by nature doesn’t cool down very easily & in case if she has to have an argument then it will be in gujrathi which hardly anybody understands. I love her pulav and would bribe her for lie time  for preparing that for me. She is model of our office or rather a brand ambassador.

6th -Ranjani:-She has recently joined our office, hence can’t articulate much about her. Very simple, down to earth girl, u can connect her instantly. Looks like she is dedicated to her work, but time will let us know the facts and figure. I love her style to tucking the mobile in her neck & the way she nods her head for some approval.

7th Leema :-  She has joined in her accounts department just couple of weeks before. But with her presence we can assume our accounts would be streamlined.