1. Gift a personalized calendar with families/friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife’s funny picture on them. They can place the calendar on their office desk. Make them interesting by adding few comments on each month. Check the link http://www.snapfish.in/gifts/product=photo-calendar
  2. For Girlfriend/Sisters:-  Take a small pooch, fill that pooch with accessories like-lipstick-Ankelt-Rigns-Deo-Watch-Leather Blets- Wallet- Card Holder-Pearl Set  or few things that person really like. Wrap it up with a big ribbon & gift the person
  3. Make a personalized card – they will appreciate the effort.

    Hand made card for birthday
  4. Try to write a poem (even though its 4 Lines). If you can’t write it then buy one.Try these links  http://www.personalized-poems.com/; http://giftsthatrhyme.com/examples
  5. Cut a thick Paper in the Christmas tree shape, gule a green paper on it. Ask all your related friends    to write a msg & stick these msg’s on this Christmas tree shape Paper.  It nice to be known remembered by so many people.
  6. Gift the number of quantity in accordance with the person’s age. Like I wanted to gift my mother something special on Christmas, she was 50 years old. I bought 50 gifts for her, these 50 gifts weren’t v expensive. You can give cards, pen, formal shirt, Christmas tree decorative stars, exclusive chocolates. So if your girlfriend is 30 then you can gift her 30 stuff in life. Place all this belongings in a basket (Like a gift basket), decorate it with her Christmas day dress colours. She would love it.
  7. Gift Basket

7.  Gift a year’s Ticket voucher of a near-by cinema theatre.  They would love to go for the movie throughout the year remembering you for free of cost.

Gift Voucher

8. Give a personalized name plate depending upon the personality

Name Plate

9. Write a Blog on them, there is no better way to express your feeling.

10. For guys: who are crazy about CARS, gift them car accessories. They would go crazy about you.

Car Accessories

Meery Christmas