The other day I had been for dinner with my friend’s -Minta & Appu. Minta is my child hood friend and Appu my building Baccha ( Baccha because he is junior to us by 2 years). We had to hit a hotel as ASAP cox Appu was hungry as usual.

We went to a nearby hotel called Ashwith. I & Minta are always engrossed in discussing something or other which is very important to us, as if we are next CEO of SAP and we need to redesign our operating strategy. Our discussion had increased the permissible decibel level while entering the hotel, I noticed few head turned to us giving us a cold look for the noise created…..but we were engrossed in our SAP re-structuring   talks hence their looks were neglected.

We are very choose of the table where we settle down, that’s because we want a table which is brightest & less effected by the A/C. As time passes, me and minta cannot tolerate the chill air blowed out of the A/C . Appu is a dessert he can with stand any kind of cool air, he is a true bombayite. After scrutinizing, we finally settled on a table. Appu was cursing us for been so choosy in life- he is not the only one. All 3 of us were dying of hungry, hence we ordered. While these guys were surfing across the non-veg menu, I thought of having a look at the interiors of the hotel.

The false ceiling was beautiful done; the paintings are not very traditional. The colour combination used was rare hence it looked attractive. In spite of been so beautiful , not many tables are occupied. Guess it newly opened…I noticed group of guys ordering food -sitting horizontal to our table, after an empty table between us.

Appu yelled at me to order something as they had done with their Non-Veg order. While I was surfing across the Veg menu, I noticed from the gang of boys , one guy had not ordered anything. He suddenly caught my attention.H was little nervous, shy, matured, clam, silent but cute in a kind of Kid way. His dressing was very simple, no attitude, wasn’t looking anywhere rather concentrating on colleagues Talks. It seemed as if they were having some business talks. Minta caught attention of my view.

She was surprised at my action, but once I briefed her about the guys even started staring him. She has a habit of classifying people in her own way, she labeled him to be a Kiidu.Our ordered food arrived; we started gulping down our stomach. These Hoteliers have a unique quality of serving food depending upon your urgency. When u  r on a run, they deliver food as late as possible  & when u have all the time in world —the food arrives within fraction of second.

This cute Guy hadn’t looked at us even once,inspite of use staring him so many times. This ignited us. He wasn’t even looking in our direction…….instead in the remaining guys were looking at us. Even Minta started staring him in a attempt to increase the HIT  or chances of he looking at us. The guy seemed to be adamant.—didn’t even look once??????? This is insult, does he even releases we girls are staring at him. Poor guy had lost is track in the Business, even we didn’t give up. Minta had taken the responsibility of giving him the equal Hits. Me & minta were staring at him at equal interval of 2 sec but not simultaneously.

 I & minta shared our concerns of his negligence towards us and exchanged looks for other guys staring back at us. But in Avail……..this guy still hadn’t taken a look at us. We finished our dinner, requested for a Cheque. Mean time the frequency of other guys staring us had increased phenomenally. Minta suggested me a hilarious act. She briefed,”Next time the unwanted guys look at us we can ask them to pass the stare to our cute guy”.

Appu had a small clarification for Minta, “Pradnya is looking cox she finds the guy cute, why r u looking at him”. Minta replied back,” In case if he looks at me,  I will point a figure towards pradnya”—communicating indirectly to follow her stare.


Next Girl

But all our efforts where in vein, he hadn’t looked at us once………what ridiculous person he is. Statistic proves that 1 look of female is equal to 10 look from a male……Did I misinterpreted this statistic or probably its other way round.

Our disappointment reached its peak when he left without paying his due amount. We were almost at the urge of shouting……..but we have to be in social discipline.

The focused approach that he had was most appealing. Alas, we wouldn’t share a stare with him, paid our due amount walked out cursing the guy for been so insensitive.