According to me girls commit suicidial fashion crimes, few are listed below.

1. India’s Flag is 3 tri-coloured not you. Wearing 3 colors is always a crime, but girls flaunt it.

2. Mobile handbag shop: Wearing 2 purses or handbag at a time.

3. Match and run: Getting matched Handbag and colour of the dress. You need to carry a handbag which is contrast to your dress, which enhances your look not the one which gets hidden in your dress colour

 4. Wearing golden accessories matched with silver. I don’t understand why girls have to mismatch so much. I have seen girls wearing golden chain, silver earrings and silver bracelet. How can anybody do that? Didn’t you guys learn colour combination in school?

5. Bejeweled Jeans: I hate those giju Girls’ who wear and feel they are capable to date John Ibrahim.

6. Sunglasses nearly the size of their whole head.

 7. Fat girls who wear the same cloths as their skinny girlfriends, you make a classic effort to look worse.

8. Girls in polyester tracksuit-instead wear a soft cotton’s one designed to look a bit cute.

9. Shoes contrasting dress.

10. Senior citizen pastels, cheesy fabrics, and shapeless cuts make it seem like you’re too old to care – not a good sign for the office

11. Still in high school: A miniskirt, cartoon t-shirt and big hair make you look like you never left high school. They lessen your authority and professionalism in the workplace.