I was on my way back from Delhi to Mumbai flight. Due to some weather conditions my flight was delayed-nothing new in our country. We all are used to this delay, infact whenever we plan a flight journey, we assume this delay as delta and add in our schedule. I utilized this opportunity to complete some unfinished office work, so that I can sleep onboard. But my concentration was broken by a scream, that too at very high decibels. This made me realize that the screaming object is very close to me. I looked around to find a small girl screaming at top of her voice.

I wouldn’t stop myself from asking her mother (I assumed the lady standing beside her to be kid’s mother) the reason behind her daughter’s outbreak. Her mother seemed to be practicing yoga, she was so still at that moment- clam and composed as if the announcer is screaming not her daughter, she exactly knew what was bothering her daughter. I walked few steps to reach out to the kid. She looked at me with tear filled eyes, so clear and penetrating. I felt so touched with her tears that I bent towards her and inquired the reason behind the waterfall from her eyes. To which her mother replied, “She wants to eat the chocolate fallen on the ground, and I am not allowing her”.

Her mother was a stumbling block between her and the chocolate. I felt a moral responsibility to explain the kid the reason behind her mothers disapproval. I told her that the chocolate is dirty as it’s fallen on the ground, to which she responded, “Whatever we eat has grown from ground I studied that in school, then why can’t we eat the chocolate from the ground?” She asked in such a innocent way that I was speechless, how do u explain this to her that its dirty and should not be eaten. Its a tough time teaching a small kid, for her dirt, hygiene words do not exists. Her mother calmly explained, “Because I said so”. I guess mothers use this statement to shut their unreasonable kids. I got caught in my thoughts as how to distract her, I could only find a reasons that is not acceptable by her. “Don’t eat that chocolate as its dirty, U will fall ill and won’t be able to play”. From my 16 words of statement, she could only gather last 5 words. i.e “won’t be able to play”. We could see her expression changed and realized the opportunity given by god. Before she makes her mind again to scream, shout and cry , I offered her, “ I will give you another chocolate” Finally could see a smile on her face, handed over her the chocolate and she was happy unwrapping it.Our boarding announcement happened and to my surprise she was traveling with on the same flight towards Mumbai. Her mother and me exchanged few talks about kids, introduced ourselves  and started to gather our belongings to proceed. I could see her eyes glued to the chocolate fallen on the floor. As we made a move towards the security check up, she screamed again, “ Mom can we put the chocolate in the dust-bin?”  I was taken a back for a moment, the brain which cannot process a dirty chocolate has suddenly realized the importance of it. Her mom went ahead to do the needful and  I bent towards her,” U r a good girl, you know dirty things need to be put in dustbin”. She responded,” The chocolate will be alone, in dust bin it will have friends” and she continued unwrapping the chocolate.

I was thrilled by her innocence, if you think –as adult we are such a messed up machine. We feel one thing, do another, hide our feelings, and lie constantly to ourselves and to people around us. Kids are so true to their feelings, so natural. Maturity makes us compromise on lot of things. We are of two minds and Of the two minds I prefer that of the children.

My personal experiences with Kids,

My cousin was reading out a bedtime story to her daughter, their small conversation enacted below

Mother,”… and this way the princess kissed the man-look-like-beast, who turned out to be a fine prince. They got married and stayed happily”

Kid,” Mom, but why did the princess kiss the beast, was the man-look-like-beast her Boyfirend, friend or husband?”

My cousin thought over few minutes, if I answer her as the beast was friend then she will probably assume that its allowed to kiss her friends who are boys. If I answer her as the man-look-like-beast was then she will ask bombard with other questions like “is it allowed to kiss boyfriend before marriage?” she will do something else once she grows up but for the moment I need to address her concerns

Mother,” I guess the Story book has some printing mistake, we will get it changed tomorrow”

And that tomorrow never came