We were in london for our passport work, after spending a 3 hours in the crowded passport office v were looking forward to yummy food. Thought wembley central would be good choice, so we marched towards Wembley from Holborn.

Reached Wembley like hungry fox trying to figure out prey.Goole research showed Chetana as a good option for Gujarati thali.Why not try that….v did a solider march to trace that hotel but all in vain.Our legs didn’t support us much hence we gave up our search & settled to a restaurant called as Tusli near ealing road.

me, vishal, raghu ordered for a thali, which is very rare occurrence in the place I stay. BTW i reside in Ipswich, where we have 3 Indian restaurant. By now, I know the menu, colour, taste, price off all the dishes offered at these restaurant.

So thali was a perfect break.Srenuka ordered mushroom rice.My eyes settled down on a dish mentioned in the menu displayed. Vishal noticed it & asked me to order…..I was like v have ordered enough food….why do v need this one. But srenuka made my decision little firm by adding, ‘ even i want to have it’. I was like ok…..lets order it.

The cook prepared our last ordered dish 1st & placed it on our table. It was a moment of joy for me & srenuka. The colour & aroma of the food was perfect . We both didn’t hesitate, like hungry fox who got its prey, he pricked our fork into the food & had our 1st bite. Men it tasted so much like india……than 3 to 4 more pieces landed in our tummy. Our poor respective husbands, looking at our excitement, dint even dare to eat it.

This is the 1st Gobi Manchurian we had after last 6 months which tasted so much like India. Out of courtesy we asked our husband to taste it & within fraction of second everything was over……….

Nothing makes u more happy than a better/good food—-proverb by pradnya