After a year of dealing with fractured collor bone coupled with renewal of passport + extension of visa kept us away from visiting Europe.

I love to travel around places. See different cultures, eat local food, explore through the country’s history, understand its origin, way of dressing of women and men i.e fashion- which is inspired either by weather/ cultural issues.I feel travelling broadens your horizon, most important thing it gives you understanding.You must be wondering–what has understanding got to do with travel. Let me explain, when u travel around places you get to know so many things about that places. Which i am sure is way different from your world.

You start analyzing, processing and understanding the thought behind the difference between yours  and the visited places culture. This gives us sense of understanding.My way of looking at it.

I wanted to visit Italy and vishal Switzerland, so we decided to visit both the countries.Weeks of extensive research, shopping as per weather and trying to come to a concise of visiting mutual interest place by both of us.Last part is always difficult as my area of interest is history, operation or working of anything living or organization, where as vishal’s interest is nature, scenic beauty and mountain views. So some how we came to a conclusion and travel plan to both the countries.Will post the travel plan in my next blog.