The improvement of hand was not as accpeted.  The  Healing time varies based on age, health, complexity and intensity  of the fracture as well as the bone displacement. For adults, a minimum of 3–4 weeks of sling immobilization is normally employed to allow initial bone and soft tissue healing, teenagers require slightly less, children can often achieve the same level in two weeks.Usual my scars or any body injuries do not heal fast,so i was excepting the progress to be slow.Pain was still there with restricted hand movement. Though the movement and flexibility increased with time but it was not perfect.

By July 28th i flew to UK due to my husband nature of work. He had to fly in little early due to work pressure.Hence i was travelling all alone on 28th july. Had a direct flight, did my security clearance  with people eyeing me as a drug dealer with the security door beeping so loud.Got settled after lot of struggle.With the help of pain killer i was hoping the journey to be better…..

The food was served (Obviously with fork and knife), i was waiting to gulp the food so that the painkiller would land in my stomach and kill the pain. As soon as food was served, i had only 1 right hand to cut the food and eat the food which otherwise people do it with both the hands.My fracture is on left hand and it was immbolized.

A gentleman sitting beside,, some where aorund 32, profeesionaly dressed with nice slim body, observed what i was doing and after some times he spoke to me – his words were,”’I can teach you how to eat with fork and knife”’ and i told him, ”’I can give you my fracture and than you can teach me how to eat with knife and fork”’.He kept mum for the whole journey….good for him….That was the 1st hilarious incident after fracture.

Never mind, landed in uk. Struggled with the left hand for next 2 months and consulted GP to recommend a physiotherapy sessions thought that would be a break through the pain. By hand moved 20% with all the jerks that felt while seating in car.