Reached hospital 2 mins late for the appoitment.I was asked to remove all the metals that i wore on my body. I changed into the hospital cloths and was asked to wait for 5 mins till the operation theater was getting ready.

I sat looking around the hospital and trying to gulp my fear.My friends revathy and srenuka were waiting  outside, in the lobby, looking towards me. The expression in their eyes was hilarious…. it was u have to be brave for the operation but at the same time they hoped it doesn’t cause me much  pain. My husband-vishal was looking into some papers to be signed.

In mids of my thought i heard  nurse calling my name, once i went to her she asked me to step in the operation theater and I looked in the direction of vishal, revathy and srenuka. They waved me a thumbs up–convening best of luck.I nodded my head and went inside.

I was asked to lay down on the operation table. My effected left shoulder was rubbed with a antiseptic spray and a local anesthesia was given. I was so scared, the doc saw the expression and started a conversation with me.He asked me about the condition and what i did for living etc etc etc etc.

He injected a needle syringe on my shoulder through which the hydrodilation water (or what ever you call) could pass in my body. I didn’t feel perk of the needle but suddenly i felt such a great pressure on or inside my shoulder that i started to shever.The pressure was so intense i felt like some one has kept the 50kg dumbels on it. Than with in next 2 sec it got all relieved…..he repeated the same procedure for one more time and then it was over.

Doc said the process was successful and i can go ahead and enjoy my day.I thought the doc was jerk. Anyways came out got dressed and started towards home. 3 of them (revtahy, srenuka and vishal) were so anxious to know. I told them everything and tried to relax a bit as my shoulder was giving me a tough time.It was paing as the anesthesia was becoming inactive. Reached home and had lunch prepared by my friends.To distract my self we all sat to watch a movie as always.By the time the movie was over my pain had gone and suddenly i realized my hand was no longer stiff.

Out of curiosity i moved my hand and wola…..i had my movements up to 70% . Couple of hours before I could not lift my hand and here i am with all the stiffness gone….hurray celebration time.I couldn’t believe what magic had Hydrodilatation done to me….I am very thankful to the god for such a miracle.I was supposed to go in for physiotherapy session for next 8 weeks which could improve the hand movement.

From that day onwards i was able to pull out shelfs, comb my hair without pain, eat food with fork and knife (of course with both the hands), take shopping bags i.e weight, finally run fit.I was extremely happy with the result…..Felt wried for all the people who didn’t get success in the blogs that i had read to gain confidence. So readers i would say please try hydro-dilatation if you have an option.