I was very happy with the Hydrodilatation results.The stiffness had gone, didn’t get the  feel of pain, 80% movements were back and i could carry weights in my hands.Results were has accepted.Finally after clavicle fracture and all non-sense things happened my body had responded to something good.

I use to think quite often, what terrible sins i have done for which i am paying off . Had I understood the logic of our creator-i would have been besides him creating those logic and implementing them. I thanked god for the success of this circumstances.So after brainstorming, i decided to accept to pay for my sins and be thankful that god didnt punish me more severely and more further.

Now, as my mental health was positive and physically body was responding –which signifies i was in a good shape.Started the physiotherapy and after 4 sessions the therapist realized my hand movements above the shoulder was not correct.All the exercise below the shoulder level where fine in fact very seamless. But i had lot of difficulty in exercise above shoulder.The way forward to solve this problem was to go in for one another Hydro-dilatation.As i was already comfortable with the process and its after effects, i was at piece.

So, currently i am waiting for my next hearing i.e my next hydrodilatation appointment. Will keep guys posted about effects and progress after the injection.