Have you ever come across this thought? This thought has crossed my mind million times in last 15 years.Its not specific about anything but  just general.

When ever i re-evaluate my life i start getting this feeling.Something is missing in me to make it through in a better way…..ironically what is ” missing in me”’ is unknown to me.That amuses me periodically.When I know something is missing than how come i don’t know what it is….When i don’t know what’s missing than how can I ever find it.When ever i see someone more successful in any area i start getting this feeling.Let me recite when i get this feeling:-

Someone might have got a good job than me,got a promotion over me (What the hell—what’s wrong with me?????), someone has cooked the same recipe better than me (she borrowed my family recipe and made it better, what did i miss), someone drives seamless as compared to me, someone is more content with little less than what I have in life, perfect body shape and size, more athletic than me,more cheerful, more thoughtful, more humanity with little less to offer, better constructive thinking in more despair situations,more affective,more self-disciplined, self-less than me,optimistic, comfortable with what they have and what  they cant have in life, more matured, more settle is reacting over unpleasant experience and the list is endless.More than anything i envy people who have more energy and enthusiasm than me…..these 2 things unlocks most important experience in life.

Than once in a while when i sip into my hot chocolate during early morning while experiencing the morning bliss given by nature, I realize that something missing in me (which i am unknown of) has brought me through.This ”something missing” has made me stand out and contributed to be me. Has highlighted me in capital bold and underlined me(as we usually do to highlight a statement—ctrl b+ctrl u)

What ever I have done or achieved in life is because there is something in me to succeed the way I want. In search of finding and developing the missing factor in me has manifested in many ways.It has driven me to be a better human being. I have understood the difference between more successful person and myself is the TRY.Try to be someone better than i am. In this search of making myself a better person i unknowing, sub-consciously override the missing factor in me.As far as I know that’s all that matters