From the moment i saw those 2 red lines on home pregnancy test, i knew my life would change.But never thought it would change so much that- i without being rebellious (which otherwise i am) would opt for it willingly.

After 9 months of regarious eating..that too healthy eating, with 13.5kgs more weight added to my existing body (was 60kgs before pregnancy and hit 73.5kgs before delivering), with lot of swelling on legs, I finally delivered a premature child on 27th march 2012.My due date was on 25th april….guess my daughter was too excited to see the world, hence the early arrival.

Today(27th april)  is her 1st month birthday and like a small kid i am very excited. My daughter  would probably-surely wont even know or understand what’s happening around. she is busy vomiting, making 10 to 15 cloth diaper each day,taking feed every 3 hours around the clock. In-spite of the sleep deprition and endless tiredness, i cherish her actions and want to capture her every action in snaps, video and my memory.My friend Hemant has got some wonderful cloths on her 1st month birthday.

Few moments which i cherish, laugh and really adore are:-

  • The 1st time she farted aloud…she got so scared with the phenomenon that she cried for 15 mins. It was my responsibility to counsel her.She got so frightened that i couldn’t stop laughing on my cute little angel.
  • Her Usually feed time at night is around 11am-1st feed,3am-2nd feed and 6:30am-3rd feed. Usually she starts to feed at 3am and finishes by 3:20. After 3:20am either she has a sound sleep or is wide awake to play.Her play time usually lasts for an hour.At times she watches fan, or listens to my talk or does her continuous cycling with hands and legs. She was busy analysing her hands for about 15mins, i interpreted by my talks. She got so scared that again she started crying. Her expression was:- who the hell are you and how dare you entire my room in the middle of the night and why are you talking to me……i was taken a back for a moment…thinking i scared my daughter…with in 2 seconds she regained her play and i was relived. But the way she was scared was hilarious.
  • she loves to pamper herself…no matter how frantic she is crying the moment i apply talcum powder she is relived.
  • She hates when i change her cloth diaper or disposable diaper that too after she has made it dirty with loo or poo.I have to take her wetness without changing her diaper…is what her expectations are…..hard to fulfil.
  • She has been given a calcium and multivitamin syrup, which she loves to drink as its sweet. Apart from breatfeed milk she consumes this syrup.By birth she is a gassy baby…she has got lot of colic….and has trouble passing poo.Hence doc has recommended a colic syrup which is not sweet.She tries to spit it out every-time we try to put it into her stomach.
  • Its taken about more than a week to post this article……..