So many blogs were pending to be posted. Couldn’t steal spending time from my precious daughter. When she is awake— I am on roller coaster trip…playing, imitating and adoring you. There are few things that I simply adore about ym daughter. I am amazed at with how much ease she can do few things, which at advanced age I still try to do. As mom, I had hoped, prayed and imagined the way my daughter should be…but she is much better than what I had thought and accepted from god or life. She has certain qualities that were beyond my desire….i always felt asking these qualities in her would be a v big ‘’’asking and wishing ’’’ from god. So, when I was pregnant, I left things in gods hand to decide. God did decide the best for me—-my daughter with beautiful qualities.

1)      She has a contiguous beautiful smile. No matter where I go, she is happy with the environment and smiles to everyone. Not every kid does this….and I am proud about her smiling. She greets everyone with her cute smile… you darling.

2)      She handles change with ease and excitement. A very rare quality among such young offspring’s. I have no words to explain the comfort and smooth transition vipra has gone from ‘mom-not-working-days’ to ‘mom-working-days’ for this I applaud to my dear daughter. I decided to work after her 1st birthday; fortunately got a good opportunity 15days prior to her 1st birthday. I was so apprehensive leaving her whole day, I cried for 4 hours on the day I got offer letter. Somewhere in the heart I wished for the job opportunity to be lost. In fact I didn’t send the necessary documents for quite some time wishing for the opportunity to be lost. Vishal encouraged and comforted me to a huge extent. Still I wasn’t sure about my decision rather forced decision at that time. I clearly remember the 1st day of my job, I cried for 1 hour to leave you and another hour travelling to office. But you managed so well without me; I couldn’t believe the way you were able to cope up. Exceptionally well. I would be gratefully to you for entire my life. Vishal was in transition of his new role, hence had 2 weeks at home. I asked mom to travel from Mumbai to take care for you for a week. The whole army-vishal, mom & mil where given list of “to-do” and ‘’not-to-do’’ list for you. With god’s grace and the army’s effort you managed to pull off well without me. I missed you so much in office, vishal use to record you on camera for my after the office view. I still miss you so much in office, which I keep on watching your videos.

3)      You forget things easily; v can distract you from non-comforting things. I don’t know how this quality of yours will be useful in future but as of now…..its pretty good for me. I can distract you from any pain, discomfort or unrealistic demands that you make.