Parting ways again….

It’s has been incredibly journey post marriage. Still (after 3 years) feels so good to be married to vishal. We decided on each other in less than a week, incredible feeling…oh!! I have this huge habit to navigate from the topic ….let me get myself back…

I balance the responsibilities associated with being a wife, mother, pre-sales profile, daughter, and friend with relatively grace and poise. My personal and professional lives are in constant competition for my attention. This time , my personal live has overtaken my professional live…I can hardly control the spillover from one vein to another.

Vishal has gone to London for a brief period; I pursued my professional live as pre-sales consultant in India(Hyderabad) and we both were happy with our decision to stay apart for a while. This could give us space in time and body to live form each other and also facilitate the growth in our professional life. With a whopping EMI for our new house: this seemed to be the perfect solution, untill….

Being parent is tough job. Tough for the reason you mind continuously battles between what’s right for your child   v/s what is the  current situation. Doing this your body fails you. Your mind fails you. You fail you spouse. Still the job is undone… need that extra courage to decide what’s right for your child.

In my case, I enjoy the everyday bliss my daughter offers. She is at age where exploration is the virtue of life. From testing water, throwing tantrums, loudly blabbering words which make no sense, being vocal about her needs (which she is not sure)  makes her adorable. I miss vishal missing all this….her golden years of growing. In this phase, she needs us and this need can be defined and understood by a mother…..

To ensure vishal experiences all this I have to part ways with my professional life…..with little hurt somewhere, I say bye bye to my corporate life.