After my daughter was born my whole world has been around her. Food, cloths, sleep time, TV time- instead of humming new/old romantic, pop, rock songs these days I hum rhymes….wheels on the bus goes gaga gaga gaga ( she can’t yet pronounce round & round, so she substitutes sounds for the words she cant say), leisure time, recreation time etc.

I was fortunate to be SHM (Stay at home mom) till she turned 1 . I had her to myself for all the time. You know what I mean by all the time. It was such a bliss, but then I cribbed about not having me time. She stood in front of me or outside the bathroom door screaming while I rapidly took bath, as if I am gone elope form there (without her).

Husband’s food wish list dropped like a bad census day, from good to bad. These days he eats anything that I can manage to prepare within the time limit my daughter agrees to. Our social gatherings are related to parks, parents with children –preferably at same age, zoo. Forgot to mention the marathons to grocery stores. So as said our world revolved around her. For her happiness was being with me.

Now as she is growing, she wants her own place, friends to play, I can have at least 10mins bath without been disturbed, decent meal times, couple of more mins at grocery stores, few chat conversations with old friends with screaming in background, nail polish time-I am finally started applying nail polish again, couple of new dishes done in kitchen, finally some‘‘ME time’’.
But by now, my ‘‘ME time’’ definition has changed,
ME time= me & daughter
Only ME time=alone time.
So now I am having more of alone time, rather ‘ME’ time. As she has become more mobile with her age her interest varies. She wants to explore the world, run around the long gardens, jump on the beds, watch the rain fall and her happiness is around me but not only me. Earlier it used to be only me. So she is growing and it pains me to be away from her.

I have become like her daughter now, trying to cling her .Don’t forget, she did the same thing .She still gives me time, but always leaves me wanting more.
So when the opportunity comes I don’t hesitate grabbing it.