Vipra’s birthday have to be special and planned as per her wish and fancy. I have always believed in fun filled, good food birthday parties. I should have been a event planner….Its the celebration of your child gorwing and more then anything love vipra’s patience, dedication and happiness when she sees her fav cahracerters taking shape. As a child she is very naughty, every obejct/ physical shape in our house has been touched, experienced and tested for pressure.She would bang anything and witness the result, with time she has undertsood that every physical shape will withstand certain pressure. So these days, she startes with applying little, extended to maximum pressure to a object and see the result. Exception are bithday decorations, she loves them so they stay without been tested. If these objects had soul, they must be envying the birthday decorations.

Its the month of the year when my daughter turns into new year-Birthday. Her birthday puts me in enromous pressure for simple reson to organize it.My husband’s thought, i shoudlnt stress out so much for organizing it. My thoughts: its only initally years where i can host her birthday parties, once she is about 7 or 8 she woudl prefer to have it in her way, her style and the way she wants it.Birthdays have always been my soft spot. I like celebrating birthdays laveshly,

For her second birthday, i asked her which cake she needs. Her response was Peppa Pig, the longest craze she had or still has. Spiderman,thomas train, waybuloo (second longest craze), mickey mouse have been passing phases. They are there for few days and forgoteen. But peepa pig is special..its been with her for quite a long time. I knew her asnwer but better to check, so the cake was decided and so was the theme-Peepa Pig. Her friend list finalised, 10 families.