It was one of the moment where v said, “v should catch up more” & departed to our homes thinking, what great guys,v should seriously catch up more.Next day morning- life came up with new surprises & yesterday’s feeling were long forgotten.

Days turned into weeks & weeks in month.we stay like stone throw distance from each other, still never thought of formally/informally meeting each other.though the thought lingered….

I am referring here friendship between 3 families:unique in every way & common in mindset.Time decided to put an end to our procastination game & Mrs Agarwal decided to throw a chritmas party for her son.destiny played his part & there v were at her house introducing ourself in most uncommon yet friendly context here as most uncommon way is:v peaked into each other’s personality. our aspirations ,desire,wish list,drawbacks,funny side.lucky everybody has a funny bone in them.

The introduction session went on till midnight & there v decided to catch up more often (this time everybody’s brain neurons & emotions where in sync).so I decided to call everybody home for dinner.time & date was set.we were all eager to meet & laugh out souls out.

As predicted the evening was wonderful with food, games, laughter & drinks(not much).we saw each other as individuals rather then couples.We discussed each others dreams & do v really have wings to achieve them? Gave insight & laughed at don’t get  such friendship  planned and v were fortunate enough to achieve it unplanned.By end of the night v decided to visit an European country together.

It was dhwani’s turn to invite us, note that it was not mandate.Dhwani is a person who likes to settle down score that too soon.the meet at her place was much rather much informal.we criticized each other for outrageous current decisions in life.we revisited each other goals & gave “parent like opinion”.parent like opinion as per my dictionary is: you say yes or no, there is no middle way.we finalised our destination, that was like icing on the cake.With lot of back & froth,lengthy decisions in busy schedule- v are on a our way to prague in March.finally what a sigh of relief……

Now guess v will not decide & meet but rather meet to catch up