After a months of speculation and excitement about our europe trip we finally reached a concise to travel the cities. Pisa was the 1st start city in our europe trip.Its a city in Tuscany, central Italy.Although pisa is known worldwide for its leaning tower of, the city contains more than 20 historic churches.We had planed a single day trip to pisa.Reached pisa station on the morning at started the day out.

We went to the tourist information cell and got the information that we required.It was told to us the leaning tower of pisa is walking distance from the station….appro 20 mins walk, while exploring the city. It was a good way to see the city.

We saw this santa maria della spine church on our way to leaning tower of pisa.















I observed the city people extensively used bicycle to commute… saw college girls, house wifes, professional even party going crowd riding a bicycle….strange but interesting.

Its a clean city with narrow roads.

Reached the leaning tower of pisa……the 1st look.This famous bell tower, the so-called Leaning Tower of Pisa, inclines 21 feet out of plumb at the top–the result of uneven settling of the foundation.

Pisa (bell tower) is situated behind the cathedral.This Romanesque cathedral was built at a time when Pisa was one of the most powerful maritime centers in Italy. The complex follows the early Christian pattern of separate structures for the church, baptistry, and bell tower, all of which are unified by the use of similar stone and the design.

We purchased our monument of the pisa tower, had a lunch  and started to walk towards the pisa central station. Our train was scheduled for our next destination.