It took little practice, paitence and preservance to adjust to being new mom.The second month of being new mom comes complete with roller coaster of emotions, steep learning curve and challenges of every kind.Second month babaies become little demanding as compared to 1st month. This month saw few highlights

—Naming cermony was scheduled on 7h may 2012. your name was finalized after 6 month of speculation and debate with family members.2 shortlisted names were nysa and vipra.nysa didnt go well with her personality hence vipra won.Too many peope and too much exhaustion was norm of the co-operated well…. couldn’t tolerate fancy dress cloth, the moment i changed you in a simple cotton dress–your screams and cries vanished.Biggest highlight was- i changed your diaper, even though it wasnt the time.Looking ahead in the function i knew i will be pretty busy. So changed it in advance, a good strategy right. But you pooed on my new saree….in middle of the function……some how i managed to over-shadow the effect.Lesson learnt, never do things in advance.

—For 2weeks  in a row you were awake in the night from 2:30am till 6:30am in the morning….making me, my mom and granny tired and exhausted. None of us even tried to put her to sleep as she plays so well. Laughs at something that is bright.

—The 1st colour that she has started to recognize is RED.Moving red bus in mumbai, red curtains,red tv at her paediatric room.

—you will be a chatter as you like people talking to you.