Dear mom & Dad,

Thank you for staying with us for 6 months, I know it hasn’t been easy on us. Even though I haven’t said it loud but I cherished the moment’s v shared together. I really hope form bottom of my life we get more opportunities to stay together and if I see any more, be rest assured I will grab it with both of my hands.

Thank you for giving unconditional love to vipra, you know she is not among the easy one to trust anybody. But she does treats you like her own mom. That couldn’t have happened if your stay be short than 6 months. She knows who her grandparents her and what it feels to be loved. Even though she is just 4year old but she understands. You can imagine the way she tells she does not like me addressing you my mother, instead hers. This statement tells you everything you have given her……love, care, discipline and trust. On the basis you know vipra is strong willed child, nobody can influence or make decision for her. I am truly blessed to have a mother like you, I may not mention this verbally often. You have that magic that touches everybody life’s.

Mothers are always seen as the strong ones, the ones who protect their daughters from all danger and heartbreaks. All my life (and probably most your life) you have been watching over me attentively. Sometimes (rarely) I happily accept your advice, most of the time I reply with a glare or a grunt. I know I don’t say this enough. I want to be you. I want to be the mother my vipra can look up to. The cool mom that always looks glamorous in front of her schoolmates. The mother who teaches her daughter how to talk to others.  I have discovered long ago what I want to be. I want to be a mother a daughter can be proud of, just like you.I hope vipra is proud of me like I am of you someday…..when that happens I will truly felicitate you in real senses. But with this goal I release the challenges in had thrown in your path.I guess it gods way to make you realize human values.

As I end this letter, I want you to know how badly I will miss you. I don’t really know what it is Mom; all I know is that I miss you. I don’t miss the suffering that you were going through, but I do miss everything about you. You never really know the extent of “a mother’s love,” until one day you wake up and realize that you will never get to experience it again. I miss your soothing touch, your loving spirit, your strength, and your guidance. You see “a mother’s love,” is something that can never be replicated so no matter how strong the support system around me, and no matter how much love I receive from anyone else I don’t think I will ever experience or witness what you gave me. It’s like an addict that will always be searching for that first “high,” again, but not knowing that it’s virtually impossible to ever get that high again, so he consistently indulges, holding on to nothing more than…hope.

Don’t get me wrong Mom….you raised me #RIGHT! You raised me to be strong and you prepared me mentally for life without you. Mom I just wish you would have prepared me for the emotional void that I am experiencing right now. More important once I come back form india. Vipra, me & vishal will miss you both way too much. Lastly I wanted to apologize for small arguments with dad. I know I would have avoided few of them.Will try to remember this in future and improve. Please forgive me for my mistakes.

Lots of love, pradnya