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Leeds Castle- timeline observation

Wednesday 29th Sep 2010,11 am: Revati calls up, ”pradnya would you like to join tomorrow for a  pinic to Leeds Castle?”.

Me reply:”- Sure,y not”. Revathy is one of my friend currently we are exploring Uk together.

Wednesday 29th Set 2010, 12am:- Vishal(husband) calls me up, i inform him about my next day travel. Being a protective husband he is reluctant to my travel.Anything that requires little extra effort from my side, he is always reluctant. (cant blame the poor soul—I have a fractured collar bone, which is why i am v sensitives to jerks). But i am in a mood to get my point through and argue with him for travel, he had no choice than to permit me as he knows my enthusiasm for travel and to explore new locations. Most important he doesnt like visiting castle, so its better he is not around other wise wouldn’t get much time to explore.

Thursday 30th Sep 2010, we were suposse to report at the reporting point by 6:45am. As usual, for some unknown reason, inspite of getting up by 4:45am, i was running late.

7.10 am :- reached the reporting point.

7:15am:- we started

7:20am:- I was apologizing revati for my delay, poor soul had to pretend to forgive me.Mode of travel was by bus, the moment i entered the bus-i realized we were approximately more than 30 females ready  to explore the Castle.

9:10am:- We approach the castle and here is the beautiful top view of the castle.No wonder any king or queen would fight to live in this beauty.I love history and this is one of my fav castle.Think to re-visit with vipra again.

Few wow factor restaurant in london

Big and beautiful flash and showy or unexpectedly impressive wow factor makes an event unforgettable.

1) 40|30 at the Gherkin.

Location:-The city—-Nearest tube:- Aldgate—-Cuisine:- French

40|30 is the restaurant and bar at the very top of the gherkin- one of the most iconic building in london. So if you are looking to impress you know what they say :big building, big party.

2) Altitude 360

Location:-Westminster—-Nearest tube:- Pimlico—-Cuisine:- British

Altitude 360 London is situated in the heart of Westminster in London’s famous SW1, right next to the London Eye, The Houses of Parliament and The River Thames. The venue commands stunning views over all of London and her prominent landmarks.

3) Attic London

Location:-Canary Wharf—-Nearest tube:- South Quays DLR —-Cuisine:- Canapes

The attention to detail of the interior is staggering with ‘50s style furniture offering commodious comfort whilst a panoramic view of London brings an unadulterated wow factor. The bar is surrounded by black granite and the precious stone Tiger’s Eye flown in from India.

4) Hurlingham club

Location:-Fulham—-Nearest tube:- Putney Bridge —-Cuisine:- British

Bordering the Thames in Fulham and set in 42 acres of magnificent grounds, The Hurlingham Club is a green oasis of tradition and international renown. Recognised throughout the world as one of Britain’s greatest private members’ clubs, it retains its quintessentially English traditions and heritage, while providing modern facilities and services for its members.

5) The landmark

Location:-Marylebone—-Nearest tube:- Marylebone —-Cuisine:- British/Afternoon Tea

Whether for business or please, this hotel caters to your every need making it a landmark by name and nature.A lavish banquet in the The Grand Ballroom after a dramatic entrance through the atrium of the hotel mesmerises your mind.

6) Vista

Location:-Trafalgar square—-Nearest tube:-charing cross —-Cuisine:- Modern Europe

A stylish oasis above the chaos of trafalgar square, vista is a design as sophisticated as the view. In true London style, the sleek, monochrome design tells a story of the city in all its fashionable, trend-setting glory. With black polished tables, smooth white stools, charcoal decking and signature patterned cushions, the design achieves a neutral yet striking space.

Reaching Madamme Tussards

It was long pending plan to visit Madamme Tussards after staying for more than 5 months in UK. It is one of the Tourist attractions. But some how our  time didn’t seem right to accommodate Madamme Tussards in it. Didn’t had much to do for Christmas, checked the opening hours of Madamme Tussards and to our luck it was open  on 27th Dec 2010.

My Husband sat down to book our tickets ( with an exciting movie running on LED and negotiating some crappy strategy in-office domain via  a phone call). Few minutes later he told me our tickets were booked–instead of 27th it’s on 26th—Bingo.26th boxing day……my shopping was screwed.

A day after Christmas ( hell man) my boxing day shopping is screwed —-” Cancel the ticket right away” was my scream, in my high pitch voice, my scream must have reached India. All his efforts were in vain as everything was closed. So v decided to go……gggggrmmmmmmmm. My cunning thoughts tell me, my husband might have screwed up the booking dates purposefully —to avoid my boxing day shopping. Will take the revenge later.

One of our friends decided to join–Raghu and srenuka. To give U a glimpse of rahu- Full of life, enjoys every moment, deeply in love with his wife. Poor thing takes care of her smallest and tiniest wishes but at the same time is tough fighting competitor to srenuka. BTW Srenuka and raghu have been married for more than 1 & 1/2 year. Coming to srenuka, Life bitterness is so far away from her. Her thoughts are so innocent that U can’t help yourself than to laugh at it.Enjoys shopping to core, loves to laugh, likes to munch and try different variety of food, always ready to help others.

We all decided to visit MT ( Here after addressing Madamme Tussards as MT) on 26th Dec 2010.We reside in Ipswich which is 73.6 miles east to london. We drove till Newbury park tube station, parked our car there & decided to take a tube till baker street. Had our desi breakfast—dosa till our tummies were full followed srenuka’s yummy gulab jammun.

All set to go…..v reached Newbury tube station &  got our tickets. Our walk from the ticket generating kisok to ticket identifying machine was obstructed by a huge man, enlightening us by the strike the tube train was witnessing. This is what was left to be experienced…..a strike!!!!!!!Raghu & vishal(my husband) tried to think of an alternate route to reach,mean time me & srenuka ( like typically girls) were discussing to visit Oxford street for shopping once done with TM.

Alternate route was to catch a tube on central line till Leytonstone, which is 4th station from Newbury. U may think Y only till  Leytonstone?  because THE CENTRAL LINE WAS WORKING TILL LEYTONSTONE.

After getting down on Leytonstone, v had to search for a mode of transport to reach further. Some on guided to hop in a bus till startford. Like ants following the instructions  we got in and reached startford. Startford bus station was too crowed with people.what a scene….i was taken back to mumbai’s crowded bus station.It was so exciting to see so many people standing and waiting for their respective bus to arrive. If u have stayed in UK for 6 months u might know by now- to see such a big crowd is an event of excitement, specially for people from India.  We waited there for 15 mins and then got to know v can get a Bus No 25 Oxfard street to reach near bakers street.Ok all geared up to climb the bus no 25, we impatiently waited.V saw the bus approaching…cool, that was quick. The moment the bus stopped there were ocean of people who tried to get in.That moment i realized i wasnt the only one for 25 but the whole ocean of people were waiting for the same Bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, how can so many people go to Oxford on the same day? Vishal & raghu suggested v wait for next 25 bus and then try to get in. By the time v had this conversation i saw bus 25 still standing, i shouted at my gang to get in the bus. Raghu with an evil laugh told me,” it is the same bus which had arrived 20 mints before”’. I was shocked to hear that.

Srenuka & me decided to inspect the situation more closely, to our surprise v found out that the bus was waiting for few people to voluntarily get out of the bus so that the doors close down.They were people literally, i mean literally hanging out of the bus trying to get in.What a hilarious Indian scene that too in london. I felt like home.I witnessed the same process for next 2 bus , while vishal-raghu and srenuka were desperately looking for alternate route to reach. Finally my husband commented,’ u will see all this once u reach india, getting moving on” After that i realized my stand still position for few (or more) minutes. V did dare another time to get in 25 but it was in vain.

Some how we got a bus to reach baker street and reached MT after 3 hours of struggle. Under normal circumstance, it would have taken not more than 1 & 1/2 hour. So take-away from the blog is never ever plan anything on 26th Dec other than shopping.

2011’s Gobi Manchurian

We were in london for our passport work, after spending a 3 hours in the crowded passport office v were looking forward to yummy food. Thought wembley central would be good choice, so we marched towards Wembley from Holborn.

Reached Wembley like hungry fox trying to figure out prey.Goole research showed Chetana as a good option for Gujarati thali.Why not try that….v did a solider march to trace that hotel but all in vain.Our legs didn’t support us much hence we gave up our search & settled to a restaurant called as Tusli near ealing road.

me, vishal, raghu ordered for a thali, which is very rare occurrence in the place I stay. BTW i reside in Ipswich, where we have 3 Indian restaurant. By now, I know the menu, colour, taste, price off all the dishes offered at these restaurant.

So thali was a perfect break.Srenuka ordered mushroom rice.My eyes settled down on a dish mentioned in the menu displayed. Vishal noticed it & asked me to order…..I was like v have ordered enough food….why do v need this one. But srenuka made my decision little firm by adding, ‘ even i want to have it’. I was like ok…..lets order it.

The cook prepared our last ordered dish 1st & placed it on our table. It was a moment of joy for me & srenuka. The colour & aroma of the food was perfect . We both didn’t hesitate, like hungry fox who got its prey, he pricked our fork into the food & had our 1st bite. Men it tasted so much like india……than 3 to 4 more pieces landed in our tummy. Our poor respective husbands, looking at our excitement, dint even dare to eat it.

This is the 1st Gobi Manchurian we had after last 6 months which tasted so much like India. Out of courtesy we asked our husband to taste it & within fraction of second everything was over……….

Nothing makes u more happy than a better/good food—-proverb by pradnya

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