Have you ever wondered what you think for so long even though you are done with the necessary thinking?

Emotions are dimensionless, timeless & most important thing inexhaustible energy on this earth.

Every day we all do pretty much the same chores as compared to our subsequent Spices. We even under-go moderately same emotions. Attend office—eat food for living –travel–watch television–listen to music–dress up – sleep–Cook food–Google some thing—bitch about boss, friend, family, office colleagues—work for a while—discuss about necessary & unnecessary thing—appreciate some one—hate someone momentarily – do a favor –Fight over issues those are important & silly as well—experience happiness, sadness, get jealous, pity someone, Get angry on someone, feel deceived, feel helpless, feel luck etc, etc etc, etc……….the list is huge.

All thanks to your brain .I appreciate performance level of our thinking process. If our brain was subjected to monetary appraisal by god it would have own galaxies as awards. We are consciously or sub-consciously are involved in some random thinking process.

Out of 24 hours in a day, I am awake for 18 Hours. In these 18 hours, I or rather my brain processes so many emotions. Remaining 7 hours I am asleep.

For me sleep is Short term memory loss. Like the dura in Nemo animated Movie, who suffers a short-term memory loss. No matter how happy, sad or depressed I am, the moment I sleep –I forget everything & I Love this state. Usually people forget to thank god for the sleep, we thank him for the food, water, good life & many more things but not sleep. I thank him every day for that.

Even though I am not a big time sleeper, still those 7 to 8 hours are live little heaven each day. I am away from many thoughts, my body re-winds & I am ready to again do the same non-sense thinking process for the next day. I feel even my brain would be longing for that sleep- state of mind. You can understand dominant emotion on yourself better when you are asleep, by the dreams you get. We require sleep to completely rehabilitate our powers. 80% of hormones required by body are produced during the 1st phase of the sleep-by studies conducted by university of Pennsylvania.

Scientist have proved that women’s state of deep sleep lasts for 70 Minutes, where as men 40 minutes, ungulate animals require 3 hours of sleep, elephants & cows require 4 hours of sleep, where as dog, require 8 to 9 hours of sleep.Imagine a nice, soft, cozy bed with candles lit around, dark think curtains have created the darkness required ( I am writing this blog during a daytime, hence require the curtains to create the atmosphere), A.C temperature is set at 18-Mumbai been a humid  city, & you sleep for like 2 hours………….wow…………..so sleep more & feel fresh…….please I am feeling zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

There is ony thing – people feel that is good for them; a good night’s seep”—By Edgar WatsonCozy Bed