I felt like a small kid watching these well trimmed large landscapes of lush green grass and tress. The look made me feel like some one is closely monitoring the length of the grass grown and trims the excess growth very often. The wide roads might have never felt a human touch- they are aliens to human touch. Apart from accidents, people don’t stop, walk across or stop the cars to quarrel with there fiends or foe.

Surprise package was the camera installed at few miles to monitor the speed of every vehicle; there is a prescribed speed of the car which every driver has to abide. In case he exceeds the limit the sensor installed near cameras will click a snap of the vehicle number and fine would be issued on the credit card or delivered at home. Mentioned above are few ways of developed countries operations. I landed yesterday (28th July 2010) on Heathrow airport (London) at 5.25pm local time (10.30 pm India time) and from that time I am tying hard to relate to this country. The only person I can relate to is my husband rest of all is little strange to me.

The road signs and navigation symbols made me relax a little bit as it resembled India. I want you guys to remember that we were ruled by British for nearly more than 10 decades, so we follow there navigation symbols. The car drive is right hand-just like India-what a relief. At last something to relate. I was incessantly comparing the pro’s and con’s of this country with ours, finally decided nothing can beat India. In spite of better infrastructure, cleaner environment, money yielding companies nothing can beat family, gossip with friend, mom-mom’s food, bitching relatives etc. Hungry caught my attention- so I switched from psychological mode to hungry mode. We stopped on our way back to a costa caffe for a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate costed us 3£ which is INR 210/- ,– with INR 210/- even if I  drank a litter every single day I would have survived for at least a week in India. Strange  country, but powerful. One thing which I hated the most about this country-U have to keep your volumes low. Ask a person like me who by birth has got a extraordinary high pitch. U can’t make noise beyond permissible decibels-which would disturb the neighbours. In case if you dare do so- mamu is called to handle the situation. I was speaking to my family in India in my usual extraordinary high pitch tone, my husband came running out of sleep to remind me to lower my voice. I thought we was bossing around with me, but when he explained me if neighbours complained we would get a fine, I had no choice then to obey. I was like give me a break, wasn’t this a democratic country? now I have to lower my pitch which I have never done in my life. I switched on the exhaust fan in bath room and then spoke to my family in my normal pitch. What a desi feeling………I feel this country in in war, the roads are deserted by 6.30pm ( as if the government has issued a curfew after 7pm), they dont have a good sense of clothing and most of the food they eat is boiled,half cooked.There food category  are divided into 3 types, take aways- canned and microvable.I would prefer to get these food categories in my kitchen…..specialli in india.