Self discipline is one of the most toughest and my next to be conquered quality. Being social and highly unsystematic makes it even more difficult for me to even think for this goal. But i have made a decision to achieve the target of been self-disciplined.

Before starting i must remind myself the effort put by a normal person ( a person who is at-least more systematic than i am) could require less motivation and effort to be self-disciplined than me. Where as I would require a mountain’s measure effort to get the same result which a normal person could put a ants effort to achieve. So in nut shell to achieve a goal i would end up requiring more motivation and effort.

Effort is one parameter which i am comfortable putting in….but problem lies in motivation. I am not motivated enough to do that effort. Lets start with understanding what is self-discipline?

Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state.

Consistent emotional state is something that i have been struggling life long. Either i am way to excited or sad or surprised or confused or ……….so its not constant. I dont know for other people but for me its always a merry-go-round.

So by now u might have understood my need to be basically to overcome my emotional state.In order to achieve my target i have designed ways as described below:-

1) Schedule a task:- Schedule a particular task either in the morning or evening.The task should not take more than 15mins and should be practise every day.Wait for the exact scheduled time. If you are usual busy than keep a phone alarm 5 mins prior to the scheduled time and also at the start of the task.When the schedule time is due start the task.Stick to the schedule for at-least 2 months.I have scheduled reading blog as my task. I am habituated to read blog as in when i require time and the time consumed was enromous when calculated at the end of the day.

Scheduling helped me to focus on priority issues rather than getting carried away with other task.

2) Harness the power of routine:- Instead of devoting a lot of hours one day, and none the other and then a few on an another day and so on, allocate a specific time period each day of the week for that task.Be firm.Don’t set a goal other than time allocation, simply set the habit of routine.I Applied this technique to projects.

You are working on tasks in small increments, not all at once. You first develop a habit, then the habit does the job for you.I am still trying to master this routine, as its kills me to follow a routine.

Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you train it the stronger it becomes . The less you train it the weaker it becomes.Just as it takes time to build a muscle, it takes enormous time to build self-discipline.

It’s a mistake to try to push yourself too hard when trying to build self-discipline. If you try to transform your entire life overnight by setting dozens of new goals for yourself and expecting yourself to follow through consistently starting the very next day, you’re almost certain to fail. This is like a person going to the gym for the first time ever and packing 300 pounds on the bench press. You will only look silly.

Take small steps and enjoy the result.